Our Halloween Summary

1:08 PM
It was the time of the year again when the magic color of  Autumn appears. It's an exciting time where everyone was getting into the Halloween spirit by carving jack-o-lanterns, decorating their homes, and imploring costume.

Times have changed, and it’s easy to turn almost any time into a scenic and incredible Halloween experience. For example, makeups, costumes, activities, moments (here some with my family from the last post) and a lot of photoshoots, indeed.

This Halloween, we allowed the frightening spirit to capture my family to choose their Halloween costumes and some makeup. So that all the charm began around us.

Here some Halloween makeups

And some terrifying photoshoots 

My dearie. Like as you can perceive, I loved to get into October and still have a bunch of festivities coming that I will love to prepare for the next couple months. So see you soon my dearie!
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